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Apr. 28th, 2009

Hnn... somehow I just understand

[13 pages turned] I don't get this at all.

[accidental voice post]

[The faint sound of ocean waves can be heard quickly followed by the sounds of someone walking in the sand closer to the device and then further away and then closer again.]

Why... why's it so dark all of the sudden? Aria, are you there? [A pause, a long pause of someone who's waiting for an answer but never gets one. Instead it becomes obvious that this person is now actively searching and shouting now too.] Aria! Aria, this isn't funny! Where are you, did you get--

[Suddenly she stops talking and holds her breath as she hears something. She's a lot quieter now.] ...Aria? [After a couple minutes of silence, cut only by the waves of the ocean and faint crunches of sand, there's a startled gasp.] Wha- Who's there? [This is promptly followed by a loud scream.]

[/accidental voice post]

[[ooc; And here's Marue's re-arrival.]]

Mar. 24th, 2009

Hnn... somehow I just understand

[12 pages turned] Obviously events have been missed

Looks like I've focused a little too much on the City's library and have neglected talking to people, which here has more of a negative effect then it should have ever. This ticking is beyond annoying. With the realization that my fridge is empty, I've decided I probably need to go grocery shopping in order to have food for tomorrow and the days to follow. So if there's anyone who would like to join me? I cannot promise it will be an interesting trip, but I can assure you that I will carry the groceries I decide to purchase.

I realize that today is another curse, I guess it depends on who you are if it will prove to be a negative or not. Maybe photographs of people's lives are better then candy hearts that spill secrets. For the record, I haven't spotted any that include me or my life I don't see why they'd be there but I'm only a little curious as to what they might show. But, like with the hearts, I can most likely live without knowing.

Regardless, every day spent here is a learning experience and it seems like just idle time. While I do spend it learning all that I can and reading all the books that I can find, it feels like a waste to not learn any real skills. Right now I'm thirteen but by the time this date comes again, I'll be fourteen. And even if time doesn't pass here at all, it will still be a mental progression. If I was still back home, at fourteen I would have been told the nature of the outside world. But things have changed, I guess now the elder doesn't bother with that anymore everyone knows the truth now.

I apologize, at times I treat this more as a personal journal and forget that I'm technically addressing the other people here in this city. No doubt, digressions like that are not very appreciated. However, I also must apologize to my friends and acquaintances for falling so easily out of contact. Hopefully I wont repeat the mistake.

[[ooc; Pictures anyone can find; 1 2 3]]

Feb. 26th, 2009

Hnn... somehow I just understand

[11 pages turned] Maybe a trip to the zoo is in order

Judging by what everyone's saying on the network, I can assume the believe that there are dinosaurs at the zoo is true. After all, curses follow the pattern of being true when a vast majority of the people post in reaction to what's happened. And to imagine that even in those instances there are some who are unfazed and remain silent for that day.

Which makes me kind of wonder about the demographics of this area. Just how many people are in this city? I realize that in some large countries they conduct censuses to gather data like that, but how many people respond to those queries? I assume that no one bothers with counting heads here because by the time they'd finnish some people would have no doubt left. Any records like that would no doubt be under constant revision. And if they were kept up to date, they would find no use. In all, a wasted effort. But still, one is allowed to be curious about trivial things like that, right?

In regards to this curse day; I've managed to get some literature on the subject. There must be a safe way to view these dinosaurs. I realize it's a strange idea but it would be quite the experience to get to see these creatures.

Feb. 12th, 2009


[10 pages turned] Candy... from the sky?

I was very startled to wake up this morning to a light shower of candy hearts, I at first figured it was some sort of fluke or something reasonable. Only the raining of hearts hasn't let up at all through out the day and when I went out shopping, I discovered that it was a city-wide event. Considering this I can only assume it's a curse, meaning I probably shouldn't eat them at all. Even knowing that though, I left an empty flower pot on the window sill to catch some, because eating candy off the ground is not really healthy. But looking at them now, they are awfully strange, not only brightly colored but also printed with words? I'm not too familiar with this type of candy, or any at all for that matter, but I'm sure things like 'GENDER' and 'CURSES' aren't very normal for little sugar hearts. Though 'HEART' seems like stating the obvious. I don't think I've ever actually had one of these before. Maybe I'll try some.

Against better judgment...

Oh. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

Does anyone want the rest of these?

[[ooc; Only ate three~]]

Feb. 7th, 2009

That was your dream too

[09 pages turned] I know a lot of stuff!

Sorry that I'm late with this; I spent all yesterday making cookies for everyone. Because I'm so good at it! But they vanished, the wonderful smell from them must have been too tempting for some. After all; I had just baked them. That doesn't matter though; I just finished making a few cakes, so if anyone wants some... the slices are going to go fast though. I am, after all, a professional.

If you're looking for me, I'll be by the fountain.

Jan. 28th, 2009

Obviously something went wrong

[08 Pages Turned] I don't get it, what's this?

What! What? What!? It's so cold now...

[[ooc; Marue gets to wear Sui's clothing. Feel free to spot her/have spotted her.]]

Jan. 21st, 2009

This is it

[07 pages turned] So much information; more than in a library

I must admit to enjoying yesterday. And while I felt very compelled to share about my home, as part of any city-wide curse, I felt that just maybe anything I said would pale in comparison to the stories that everyone was sharing. However; I felt it would be rude to comment on what I read, it appeared that some people were not too keen on sharing these thoughts. But I must thank you for them, there are so many places that everyone has seen, the outside world is so expansive, I hope Aria and I both get to see many of these places. And I promise it was only committed to memory, not written down at all.

These curses follow strange patterns though (assuming they do, that is), and this month seems to focus on a theme of reflection... But that seems kind of like a vague thing to say, and is in a way, bias. A theme of reflection though matches very well to this month, I think. It's pretty cold and plenty of time is spent inside, just left to think to yourself. Unless of course, you have roommates, right?

Jan. 12th, 2009

Hnn... somehow I just understand

[06 pages turned] Sugar for what?

Now saying, figuratively, we actually succeed in borrowing this sugar. What on earth do we do with it? I, personally, have no need for sugar and am now sitting here with an extra cup. Which feels kind of wasteful. Maybe I'll try a recipe, I haven't been using the sugar I already own anyways. And I can already see the earlier assignment filling up hospital beds. Which is unfortunate, since it shouldn't be this dramatic. Everyone should remember they have all month and probably not drink water instead of beer.

And lately I've been wondering about these assignments; will they be somehow affecting this year's curses? Or will there be later curses that if you did/didn't do these things it will be different/worse. But remembering the earlier zombie incident...

Speaking of curses;

Now; I don't remember my father much, maybe he spent a lot of time out, or maybe he didn't leave much of an impression. But my mom had always lived with me and always supported my efforts, which was nice. She also didn't mind Aria, and me running off at odd hours, which is cool because I was always doing that.

Dec. 17th, 2008

I don't want to believe

[05 pages turned] This city lacks logic

Zombies... I always thought they were fictional. And even though this city proves again and again how abnormal it is, I really didn't expect zombies. I'm almost afraid of what we'll get next.

Oh wow, was that what I just thought it was? A dinosaur? But even here, those are supposed to be extinct. I wonder if there is a reason for all this. But knowing the city... probably not.

I checked out some library books a while back, I'll probably have to go outside to turn them in, maybe I'll make a snowman on my way back. But that is assuming we get enough snow for that.

Dec. 10th, 2008

Please be nice to her

[04 pages turned] I don't remember decorating like this...

Where did this come from? It's not like I put it up, and I can't blame anyone I live with either. While weeds do grow fast, they never grow this fast. And it's even inside, this is just impossible. Plants don't randomly sprout overnight. Unless there's something special about these-

I'd like to take the time to urge everyone not to eat the mistletoe, as most species are poisonous... Weird city, strange people, they might try.

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